Church Policies: Non-Attending Non-Members

Our church building serves as a center for the worship, fellowship, and ministry of the congregation. It will be used primarily by the congregation and its members. It may also be used for special occasions by non-members.

The regulations set forth are to serve as a guide for the use of the church building and its facilities. Any variances from this will need the approval of the Church Council, Trustees, Pastor or Office Administrator.

I. Requirements for all persons using East Union Building and Facilities:

1. SCHEDULING EVENTS shall be made with the secretary and registered on a calendar placed on the bulletin board in the foyer. Committees and various small groups may reserve rooms and times by writing scheduled time on calendar date. Use of Kitchen and Fellowship Hall should be registered with secretary to avoid conflict.

2. EAST UNION reserves the right to ask parties to negotiate scheduling in case of a funeral. Weddings and other large community events are exempt from change.

3. EACH GROUP using the church facilities or equipment shall leave it in the same order as prior to its use.

* A member of the Service Committee, or a person appointed, shall be present when the kitchen is being used. Family to pay fee of $100.
* This includes gathering and disposing trash to outside dumpster.
* If something is damaged, it shall be repaired or replaced by the person or group using it.
* It is the users responsibility to keep children out of the sanctuary and from running throughout the building.
* Unless specified, the use of the building is restricted to the area that has been reserved for the occasion.
* Make sure stools are flushed and not running in restrooms. All doors are to be closed and lights turned off when you leave.
* We will require a $100 deposit — returned following an inspection of clean-up. This includes rooms used, foyer and rest rooms. Tablecloths are available to rent for $5.00 each. The Service Committee will then be in charge of washing and returning the tablecloths to the church.
* There will be an inspection by the janitor responsible for cleaning after the event and any deficiencies will be reported to you at that time. It is expected that your representative will be present for that inspection.


* The Secretary will notify the sound system operators if the P.A. system needs to be used.
* A $50.00 fee for the services of a sound person will be charged.

5. THE KITCHEN AND EQUIPMENT is the responsibility of the Service Committee.

* Guidelines shall be posted in the kitchen.
* All appliances must be left clean and ready to use. Everything must be put back in its proper place.
* The punch bowl, coffee and tea service may be rented for use in East Union building only for $50.00.
* Any questions shall be directed to the Church Secretary and/or Service Committee.
* Using the kitchen for baking cakes, etc. ahead of a special event, weddings, etc. or for personal use is not allowed.
* All eating is reserved to the Fellowship Hall except for Sunday morning fellowship time. All other areas including classrooms are not to be used.
* All groups using the facility are responsible for setting their own chairs and tables. Please clean and return tables and chairs to their proper place. Follow diagram posted in table storage area.

6. THE SECRETARY’S OFFICE, COPY ROOM AND PASTOR’S STUDY will not be immediately accessible prior to or during the event.

7. THE PIANO AND CLAVINOVA shall not be moved without permission from the pastor or secretary or janitors.

8. SMOKING AND THE USE OF ALCOHOL OR DRUGS are strictly forbidden.

9. ALL CANDLES must have plastic or another shield beneath them to catch dripping wax. Red mats have been made for this purpose and can be found in hall closet on upper level, next to steps lead ing to the kitchen. Self-contained candles or votive cups are the only exception.

II. Special Events

1. FOR WEDDINGS, RECEPTIONS, AND ANNIVERSARIES, etc. there will be a fee for the use of the sanctuary, kitchen, and/or fellowship hall. See fee scale below.

* Scheduling for set up in the auditorium and fellowship hall will be negotiated on a case by case basis.
* All equipment, tables, chairs, etc., shall be put back to original position, unless the janitor directs otherwise.

2. FOR FUNERALS see fee scale below.

* Fellowship meals are to be catered and/or negotiated with service committee. Secretary will know who that person is.

3. RESERVATIONS for the use of the facilities will be accepted up to six months in advance with the exception being the week which is reserved for Bible School. A non-refundable deposit of 25% will be required when making reservations.

4. ARRANGEMENTS shall be discussed with the secretary. Anything not covered in this statement shall be determined by the Church Council.

5. THE KITCHEN and its contents are under the supervision of the Service Committee and all questions shall be directed to one of its members. Church Secretary will know who that person is.

* A member of the Service Committee, or a person appointed, shall be present when the kitchen is being used.
* Tablecloths are available to rent for $5.00 each. The Service Committee will then be in charge of washing and returning the tablecloths to the church.

Fees for Use of Facilities of East Union Mennonite Church Fellowship Hall and Kitchen use by non-members:

Additional with ALL fees below, a refundable cleaning deposit (see section I, Item 3, bulleted point 7)* – $100.00

Wedding Receptions – $500.00

Rehearsal Suppers – $150.00

Kitchen & Fellowship Hall use Service Committee Member to be in kitchen (family to pay fee) – $100.00

PA Operator – $50.00

Weddings Service in Sanctuary only – $500.00

Kitchen & Fellowship Hall use on day of wedding – $150.00

Funeral Visitation – Church Council approval needed

Funeral Fellowship Hall use – $250.00 (meal to be catered and/or negotiated with service committee)

Punch Bowl & Service Set – $50.00

Funerals (Sanctuary only) – $250.00

Family Gatherings
1-80 people – $200.00
80 + people – $300.00

*Extra clean up charges will be assessed $25.00 per hour per janitor.