Stewardship Team

I. Purpose

Represent the congregation in decision making for faithful stewardship of church finances.

II. Duties

A. Propose annual budget

B. Document and periodically review financial accounts and their plan for management to:

    1. Align with investment stewardship strategy
    2. Propose disbursements
    3. Receive recommendations from the congregations

C. Gather and recommend ideas for how the church could use large donations

D. Communicate financial investment and spending strategies to congregation twice a year

E. Review annually the Support Agreement with the Pastor and make recommendations to the Church Council regarding wages and salaries of all paid employees

F. Review and recommend special offering focuses to the Church Council

G. Submit a report to the Annual Business Meeting

III. Organization

A. Accountable to Church Council

B. Membership – five persons

    1. Everence Stewardship Advocate
    2. Church Finance Officer
    3. Congregational representative
    4. Trustee
    5. Pastor(s)

C. Church membership is not required except for Finance Officer and Pastor.

Written:  10/20

Revised: 5/22

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