Service Committee


Serve the congregation by providing food and hospitality.


A. Plan and arrange food donations, and serve meals for funerals at East Union and other occasions.

B. Organize Maundy Thursday meal preparations by setting tables, preparing drink, and cleaning up.

C. Help with special meals during the year including the annual business meeting and other church meetings/social events as asked by church council or pastor.

D. Help organize/ provide food for Senior Citizen Meals.

E. Delegate additional help ie. Sunday school classes or individuals as necessary.


A. Accountable to:
1. Church Council

B. Membership – two persons/couples elected annually to serve for a one year term. One person/couple will serve September-September and one person/couple will serve March-March. This provides two couples/persons to work together for staggering terms. Appointed by Gifts Discernment.

C. Chaired by Hospitality Coordinator.

Other Job Descriptions: