Primary/Junior Superintendent


Coordinate and give leadership to the Primary and Junior Sunday School Departments.


A. Supervise the Sunday School hour.

1. Assist visitors in finding appropriate classes.
2. Collect Sunday School offering and record total attendance.
3. Submit curriculum order to Office Manager quarterly.
4. Collect and file used curriculum for reuse.

B. Consult with the Nurture Committee in the selection of the curriculum. The decision to replace curriculum published by MennoMedia with other curriculum must receive both Nurture Committee and Church Council approval.

C. Coordinate with the Nurture Committee if help is needed in selecting teachers for the Primary and Junior department.

D. Provide list to Office Manager for sexual misconduct policy screening.

E. Plan and carry out mission projects in consultation with Nurture Committee and Missions communicator.

F. Plan the Christmas Program or activity together with the Primary and Junior Music Leader(s) and the Nurture Committee.

G. Maintain and organize inventory of Sunday School supply room and purchase supplies as needed, and consult with Bible School Committee.

H. Submit report to Annual Business Meeting, including number of students and names of teachers.

I. Comply with the East Union Sexual Misconduct Policy.

J. Purchasing and organizing materials for Bible Memory ministry, managing grade level Bible Memory groups and doing paperwork each month, if applicable.


A. Accountable to: Nurture Committee

B. Membership – Two superintendents; one superintendent selected annually by Gift Discernment for a two-year term.

Written:  10/89

Revised:  8/94, 1/03, 6/04, 1/11, 4/16, 5/22

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