Pastor, Lead


To work with the elders to provide a balanced ministry of worship and preaching, teaching and training members for ministry, pastoral care, and the necessary administration.


1. Preach and teach the good news of Jesus Christ.

a. Promote Anabaptist theology
b. Preach approximately 75% of the time
c. Plan overall worship themes and observances of ordinances.
d. Demonstrate a commitment to personal spiritual disciplines and growth.

2. Build and nurture the Church:

a. Work with Elders to focus and center on God’s vision for East Union
b. Promote the vision of ministry by every member – an “equipping” church
c. Attend meetings of and assist the Elders, Worship Committee, Church Council, and Gift’s Discernment
d. Commit to lead the congregation in growing closer to Jesus Christ
e. Participate and represent East Union in local community and broader church community; nurturing relationships in ways to encourage others at East Union to engage in meaningful ways.

3. Nurture healthy communication patterns at East Union:

a. Build trust with and within the congregation
b. Participate with congregational leaders and members to enhance healthy communication patterns across commonalities and differences
c. Lead the growth of the congregation in Christian Spirituality and Discipleship – spread the Good News to the world
d. Actively call out and develop spiritual gifts

4. Oversee congregational care needs in partnership with church leadership:

a. Be available to attend to crisis situations for the church family
b. Attend to the needs of the church family for Dedications, Baptism, Marriages, and Funerals


1. Positive approach to congregational interactions, communications, and decision-making
2. Meaningful and healthy interpersonal relationships, boundaries and self care
3. Ability to remain focused on the vision


The Pastor is accountable to the congregation through the Elder Board.


1. Initiative should be taken by the Elders, Church Council, or Pastor for conversation and resolution of the areas needing attention.

2. The Elders will conduct an annual conversation of reflection of progress and job description fulfillment with the Pastor.

3. Every three years the work of the pastor will be evaluated as part of a congregational review of its life and mission as led by the Elders and Church Council..


1. Negotiated at time of hire


  1. The pastor will be granted 2-4 (suggested based on tenure) weeks of vacation annually. Unused vacation may not be used in subsequent years without permission of the Elder Board. Upon termination of services, the last vacation period will be prorated in proportion to the time served that year.


1. Based on recommendations of Mennonite USA


1. The initial commitment is a three-year time period.

2. Continuation of service after the initial three years is contingent upon mutual agreement of the pastor and congregation in response to the three-year congregational review.


It shall be mutually understood that the relationship may be terminated either by the congregation or the pastor upon a minimum of three months notice, preferably at least six months.


1. Masters degree in Divinity or related field, desirable.

2. Leadership Experience

Approved by ballot vote – October, 1983

Revised by Church Council – October 17, 1991; May 13, 2015; October 13, 2016

Other Job Descriptions: