Office Manager


Assist the pastor and congregation by performing the duties of an office manager of the church.



  • Check email and voicemail and process as needed.
  • Process mail: answer, forward on to others or ask advice, file
  • Bulletin boards: post and update as needed.
  • Take reservations for the fellowship hall and enter on calendar, contact janitor, sound person, send out confirmation letter, and put in bulletin if necessary.
  • Record deaths, births, baptisms, baby dedication, membership changes: update book, handle letter of transfers.  Update mailboxes as necessary.
  • Record new addresses and phone numbers of people that move.  Put the memo in their mailbox that asks for contact information, birth dates, and anniversaries of new attendees.  Make sure they have a mailbox, the most recent picture directory, most recent paper directory (that comes out of the church office) and the latest annual report. Add to phone chain (if they want), church directory, and birthday calendar.
  • Maintain, monitor, and implement all software systems used by the church.  Evaluate, recommend/research changes as assigned and/or personally needed.
  • Keep ongoing inventory and purchase supplies as needed: photocopier, office supplies, letterhead and envelopes, certificates, stamps, coffee, and filters for Sunday morning coffee time, etc.
  • Maintain contract for copier and other office equipment.
  • Follow budget spending plan approved by Church Council.
  • Make copies and distribute literature to mailboxes as it arrives in mail or if applicable, give to the committee or representative that is responsible for it (i.e., contact Crooked Creek rep, MCC Sale rep, or Crowded Closet rep. to distribute those materials.)
  • Publicize events as needed: email area churches, write press releases and send to area newspapers, distribute posters.
  • Notify ushers, sound people, and custodians as needed for funerals or special events.
  • Start phone chain for prayer requests. Phone chain should be started for all prayer requests.
  • Administrative support for pastors, as requested.  Examples: typing, copying, mailings for special services such as baby dedications and instruction classes, schedule and cancel meetings, make travel arrangements, call people to verify their part in worship.
  • Pastor organizer: Visits to members, follow-up calendar – deaths, health, etc, for pastor to acknowledge, circle back, touch base, and minister.
  • Develop and maintain church recurrence calendar.  Ask ahead about dates for communion, business meetings, Crooked Creek outing, baby dedication, special meetings, Bible school etc. and enter on calendar and add to coming events in church bulletin.
  • Prepare programs for Christmas program and other special meetings.
  • People reserving the church: Check church calendar to see if the date is open, monitor policy and assure policy is followed; communicate dates with custodian, and send confirmation letter if needed.


  • Bulletin: Organize, type, edit, copy, fold, add inserts, distribute to various places in the church, email to students and other members who have relocated away from the area, and post on the website. Provide bulletins to Kalona Mennonite and Pleasantview.
  • Worship Service Audio: Save audio CD to the computer and combine pertinent tracks for the worship service file. Upload sermon and worship service file tracks to website, as needed.  Be in charge of distributing copies of the service/sermon to those who request them, as well as maintain achieves (as they become established).
  • Maintain and update website.
  • Email or notify custodians of any weekend or weekday events at the church.
  • Deposit church offerings; record the individual giving for attendees that use the numbered envelope system.
  • Disburse payments for general operating expenses and Missions.  Maintain/file receipts.
  • Maintain the Electronic Giving system.
  • Provide a letter of receipt (on church letterhead) to all persons giving over $250 per event.


  • Distribute payroll and compute payroll taxes.


  • File: meeting minutes, copies of letters and memos.
  • Proof and finalize birthday calendar to be put at the end of the Chronicle each month.
  • Chronicle: add birthday/anniversary’s to calendar on the last page of Chronicle, print copies and stuff mailboxes, and file 1 copy. Provide Chronicles to Pleasantview.
  • Submit financial reports to congregation via Church Bulletin.
  • Issue financial reports to CFO for review at monthly Church Council meetings.
  • Pay 1st Fruits to Central Plains at end of each month.


  • Pay 1st Fruits to Pleasantview at end of quarter.


  • Update lists: Sunday school, membership, phone chain, commission members and appointees, teachers.
  • In January, print and distribute offering letters, so those individuals have them for tax purposes.
  • Serve as a member of the Worship Committee.
  • Renewal notices in mailboxes for church publications: The Mennonite, Rejoice, Purpose
  • Update church directory: Ask members for updates, put together booklet, copy, staple and distribute.
  • Work with church council chair on business meeting projects.  Make sure to post agenda and previous minutes at least 2 weeks prior to business meetings. Copies of agenda and previous meeting’s minutes available at the meeting.
  • Complete census as required: students for Hillcrest Academy, info. for Central Plains and Mennonite Church USA.
  • Make sure all delegates are registered for Conference Annual Meeting. Distribute annual meeting workbook and any related materials prior to the meeting in June.
  • Help with Bible School as needed.  How much help is needed depends on who is on the Bible School committee. Print the program. You will also need to know all staff members for the bulletin the Sunday before Bible School.
  • Order Bibles for seniors in late winter/early spring.
  • Report copy activity for our church copyright license (done every few years.)
  • Update church job descriptions and keep an official binder for Church Council use.  Post/update to the website.

 Annual things for August (church year end)

  • Reminders to commission chairs from the church council chair regarding appointments for the coming year.  Information is needed by the end of August.
  • Annual report: Send out reminders that reports are due by the end of August along with a copy of last year’s report.  Keep track of what reports have come in and what is still needed. Update and add table of contents, record of members that goes in the pastor’s report, commission members and appointees, membership list, and offering schedule. Compile all reports, make sure formatting is the same for everything, proof, print, and distribute to mailboxes. Needs to be in mailboxes at least 1 Sunday before the fall business meeting.
  • Make new yearly attendance and offering record for new fiscal year and put on table by the library entrance.
  • Give memorial cards from the past year to historian on August 31.


  • The above list is not inclusive.  There are many situations that come up that have not been dealt with before.  If you don’t know the answer, refer it to someone who does or ask the Pastor or Church moderator.
  • Consult the CFO and/or Church Council concerning budget and cash-flow issues and financial policies.
  • Maintain the confidential Sexual Misconduct Prevention file, which includes Primary Screening Forms, Sex Offender Registry Screenings, and the list of Awareness Seminar participants. The Office Manager will screen paid church workers and youth volunteers in leadership positions every 5 years.


A. Accountable to:

1. Pastor
2. Church Council, through the moderator.

B. Membership: A paid position, one person selected by the Pastor and approved by Church Council.

Other Job Descriptions: