Music Committee


Lead congregation in worshiping God through music.


A. One person serves on worship committee.

B. Plan and arrange music for worship services:

    1. Special Music
    2. Pre-Service
    3. Offertory

C. Plan and arrange music for Special Services:

    1. Hymn Festivals
    2. Christmas, Easter, Communion, Maundy Thursday, etc.
    3. Funerals

D. Oversee vocal & instrumental ensembles.

    1. Appoint director and recruit members.
    2. Select and purchase pertinent music.
    3. Maintain music file.

E. Select choristers for worship services.

F. Oversee maintenance and replacement/purchase of hymnals, lyrics projection, piano, organ, and other musical equipment.

G.  Submit a proposed budget to the Church Financial Officer.

H. Submit report for Annual Business Meeting.


A. Accountable to: Board of Elders

B. Membership – two persons.

    1. Music person selected from the congregation through gift discernment for a two year term on alternating years.

Written:  10/89

Revised:  5/10, 4/16, 5/22

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