Missions and Service Communicator


Facilitate communication among the congregation, the conference, and the church-wide Mennonite mission organizations.


A. Be informed about Mennonite, other community and connected service missions.

     1. Receive mission and service mailings.

B. Serve as a Lay Delegate to the Central Plains Conference.

C. Use the missions bulletin board, sharing time and church publications to inform the congregation of mission and service opportunities and news.

D. Plan mission related services with pastor(s) and worship leaders.

E. Encourage the congregation to participate in missions through prayer, gifts, and service.

F. Advise the Christian Nurture Committee and Primary and Junior Sunday School Superintendents in selecting mission and service projects..

G.  Serve on Church Council.

H. Submit report for Annual Business Meeting.


A. Accountable to: Church Council

B. Membership – One person selected from the congregation by Gift Discernment for a three year term.

C. Membership required.

Other Job Descriptions: