Mid-Week Church Activity Committee


Coordinate mid-week church activities to nurture the East Union community.


A. Create a schedule of dates for activities

B. Coordinate groups or people to plan and lead adult activities and to plan and prepare the meals (if desired).

C. Assure child care is arranged so there is an activity for all ages.

D. Produce and distribute the schedule as well as the responsibilities” to those involved and to the Office Manager


A. Accountable to: Nurture Committee

B. Membership – three people

    1. Pastor(s)
    2. One person selected annually by Gift Discernment for a two-year term.


A. CHOW Program – Duties for the class in charge of program for CHOW are to plan the activity (or activities) for the adults:

    1. Schedule:
      • 6:00 – 6:30 supper served
      • 6:45 – 7:45 activities for all
    2. You will be able to use the fellowship hall or the sanctuary. If you plan to use the sanctuary, be sure Environmental Technician knows if it will need to be heated. The choir room and the room by the south door on the first floor will have children’s groups in them.
    3. If you want to use the fellowship hall, remember there will be tables set up for the meal. You can plan to either make sure latecomers sit where the table can be left up (at either end of the room), but have people who come early sit in the middle and then take their tables down when they are done eating OR you can plan to leave all tables set up.
    4. We are envisioning one activity for adults (plus maybe a quilt in frame.)
    5. It is your responsibility to get the activities started and ended on time. Give an announcement at 6:40 that activities will start in 5 minutes. We want to keep this on schedule so that parents with young children can be done at 7:45. If the conversation or activity lingers, be sure to let people know that those who need to leave are free to do so.
    6. Clean up after the activity.

B. CHOW Dining – Duties for the class in charge of dining for CHOW (we advertise that the meal is served beginning at 6:00 pm until 6:30 pm so that all are done eating by 6:45 when activities start):

    1. Set up fellowship hall for dining
      • Put out a basket for donations to cover CHOW expenses (it is not a “fundraiser” but would like to cover expenses for meal, supplies, childcare)
      • Table setting supplies are in room #10 (the one by the back stairway where round tables are stored) – Notify Hospitality Coordinator if supplies are low
    2. Provide light meal
    3. Clean up fellowship hall (check with adult activities – if using fellowship hall)
    4. Arrange basement back to original setting
    5. Wash any dishes/silverware/glasses used
    6. Clean up kitchen
    7. Remove all food brought in for the meal
    8. Remove all trash and put in dumpster
    9. Wash all linens and return to proper spot
    10. Give basket donations to Office Manager for tracking
    11. Save receipts and give to Office Manager for tracking

Written:  10/17

Revised:  5/22

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