Mennonite Youth Fellowship (MYF) Sponsors


Guide our high school age youth in their spiritual and social development through personal interaction and group activities.


A. Plan (along with the MYFers) at least two meetings each month maintaining a balance among Bible study, service, and social activities.

B. Serve as a role model/mentor/counselor for the MYF members.

C. Assist the MYF in raising funds for attendance at the Mennonite Youth Convention.

D. Attend the biannual Mennonite Youth Convention.

E. Work at integrating the MYF members into the life of the church.

F. Utilize bulletin board for MYF display for MYF when available.

G. Submit report to Annual Business Meeting.

H Comply with the East Union Sexual Misconduct Policy.


A. Accountable to: Nurture Committee

B. Membership – Two – four persons (two persons or couples). One person/couple selected annually by Gift Discernment to serve a two-year term, as needed.

C. It is the intention that the congregation will budget for sponsor expenses to attend biannual youth conference.

Written:  10/89

Revised:  8/94, 1/03, 6/04, 1/11, 5/22

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