MCC Sale Representative


Serve as a liaison between East Union congregation and the Iowa Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Relief Sale.


A. Block the sale date on the church calendar.

B. Attend congregational representative meetings, (usually two per year).

C. Become acquainted with all information related to the sale and its publicity.

    1. Distribute pamphlets in church mailboxes when received from publicity chair
    2. Display posters in the church and encourage additional posting in work places.

D. Promote My Coins Count during offering times and have a collection receptacle.

E. Verbally highlight the church bulletin announcements periodically.

F. Select a Sunday in May as Relief Sale Sunday to collect and display the quilts, hand-crafted items, auction items, and other donations, My Coins Count jar, etc., which congregants are donating to the sale.

G. Inform the IMRS auction chair of items being donated for the auctions.

H. Give a list of the items and donors to the Sale publicity chairs by May 1 to list in the Sale booklet.

I. Inform the congregation of the needs for volunteers and encourage their involvement.

    1. Set up for the Sale
    2. Work in various food booths and activities
    3. Assist with parking.
    4. Tear down after the Sale

J. Give names of livestock producers to the head of farmer’s market for meat donations.

K. Inform the congregation of the needs for the sale (items and/or time), and encourage their involvement.

    1. Encourage people to make quilts and to have them done by May 1.
    2. Encourage people to make hand-crafted items for the Sale auction.
    3. Promote the baking of homemade goods – pies, rolls, cookies, cakes, peppernuts, jams, jellies – and homegrown fresh produce.
    4. Announce the opportunity for sponsorship (donation) to business owners and individuals.
    5. Solicit persons for donating meals in their home for the auction.

L. Inform the IMRS board chair of volunteers who are willing to help.

M. Make available containers (received from Sale committee) for baked items several weeks prior to the sale.

N. Arrange transportation of sale items to the fairgrounds as needed.

O. Inform the congregation of sale results and thank the congregation for their participation.

P. Orient new East Union MCC Sale Representative and serve as resource as needed.

Q. Submit report to Annual Business Meeting.


A. Accountable to: Iowa MCC Relief Sale Executive Committee and Church Council.

B. Membership: One person selected annually by Gift Discernment for a two year term.

Written:  10/89

Revised:  8/94, 2/09, 4/16, 5/22

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