MC USA (Mennonite Church USA) Bi-Annual Convention Delegate


Represent our congregation at the Bi-Annual Convention of MC USA and at special sessions.


A. Be informed of resolutions and other topics to be addressed at bi-annual convention.

B. Share agenda items/resolutions and seek feedback from congregational members before attending.

C. Attend convention sessions and perform duties of the delegates.

D. Report to the elders and congregation items of discussion at convention.


A. Accountable to:

    1. Pastor
    2. Elders
    3. Congregation members

B. Membership

    1. Membership required
    2. Two (2) people shall serve as delegates. Two persons chosen from the membership of the congregation by the Gift Discernment Process. There can be up to one (1) delegate per every 100 members of the congregation, so the total number of delegates may vary from convention to convention.
    3. Length of term – 4 years (attend 2 regular delegate assemblies)

Written: 10/89

Revised:  8/94, 3/15, 4/16, 5/22

Other Job Descriptions: