MarriageCare Mentoring Program


To provide fellowship, support, encouragement for young married couples by providing mentorships with an experienced couple.


A. Maintain a list of potential mentor couples that are willing and interested in mentoring a younger couple.

    1. Provide training and orientation for new mentor couples
    2. Provide a copy of The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring book by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot
    3. Provide a packet of training materials.
    4. Contact Office Manager to copy additional packets and order additional books.

B. Keep informed of potential younger couples interested in joining the mentoring program.

C. Facilitate the pairing of the mentor and mentee couples.

D. Facilitate pairing changes as needed.

E. Conduct evaluation

    1. Follow up individually with new pairings to assure satisfaction
    2. Conduct a biannual evaluation of the program with follow up report
    3. Consider evolving needs of young couples and explore ways to support those needs.

F. Plan a gathering for all couples in the Spring and Fall

    1. Encourage and involve other couples in the planning, decoration, food preparation and program.
    2. Consider additional activities including Marriage Moments (monthly email resource), bringing in outside speakers, other educational/supportive activities


A. Accountable to Christian Nurture Committee

B. Membership – three couples plus the pastor to minister love and care to the couples involved. One couple selected annually by the Gift Discernment Committee to serve a three year term.

Written:  1/17

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