Library Committee


Serve the congregation by maintaining and encouraging the use of library materials.


A. Purchase materials.

B. Catalog materials for easy access.

C. One library committee member be present after church services to oversee check-out procedures.

D. Maintain an orderly library.

E. Periodically re-evaluate materials and discard or replace materials that are outdated or worn out.

F. Inform congregation of new materials either verbally during announcements and/or writing via Chronicle and/or bulletin.

G. Maintain financial records.

H. Submit a proposed budget to the Finance Committee.

I. Submit a report to Annual Business Meeting.


A. Accountable to: Nurture Committee

B. Membership – One to two members selected by Gift Discernment to serve a two-year term. One person selected annually, as needed.

Written: 10/89

Revised: 8/94, 6/04, 9/08, 1/11, 2/21, 5/22

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