Central Plains Conference Lay Delegate


Represent our congregation at the annual sessions of Central Plains Conference and\or other special sessions which the Conference Council may call.


A. Attend the annual (three day) Conference sessions and other special sessions.

B. Inform Church Council if unable to attend so they can appoint a proxy.

C. Inform Congregation of changed delegate.

D. Communicate concerns of our congregation to the Conference

E. Communicate concerns of the Conference back to the congregation.

F. Each delegate should study the copy of issues given to them prior to the Conference sessions and inform the congregation either prior to or after the Conference sessions.  If serious or pertinent issues are to be discussed, it would be desirable to consult the congregation prior to the Conference sessions.

G. Vote on issues presented to the Conference Council.

H. Submit report to Annual Business Meeting


A. Accountable to Church Council

B. Membership

    1. Pastor
    2. Missions & Service Communicator selected from the congregation by Gift DIscernment to serve a three-year term.
    3. One to two persons will be selected annually by Gift Discernment for a two-year term. There can be up to one (1) delegate per 50 members (or partial thereof) of the congregation, so the total number of delegates may vary from year to year.

C. Membership required.

Written: 10/89

Revised 8/94, 3/03, 5/10, 4/16, 5/22

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