Junior MYF Sponsors


Guide our Middle School (6-8th grade) youth in their spiritual and social development through personal interaction and group activities.


A. Plan two meetings each month maintaining a balance among Bible study, service and social activities.

B. Serve as a role model/mentor/counselor for the Junior MYF members.

C. Utilize the bulletin board for Jr MYF display as available.

D. Submit report to Annual Business Meeting.

E. Comply with the East Union Sexual Misconduct Policy.


A. Accountable to: Nurture Committee

B. Membership

    1. Two to four persons (two persons or couples) selected from the congregation by Gift Discernment to serve a two-year term.
    2. One person/couple selected annually, if needed.

Written:  10/89

Revised:  8/94, 1/03, 6/04, 1/11, 5/22

Other Job Descriptions: