Iowa Mennonite Benevolent Association/Extension Committee Member


Represent our Church at the Annual Pleasantview Board Meeting and maintain contact with non-attending members.


A. Become acquainted with the activities and operations of Pleasantview.

B. Attend Annual Pleasantview Board Meeting and other special meetings.

C. By virtue of office, may be asked to serve on the Pleasantview Nominating Committee.

D. Vote for members to serve on Pleasantview Board and Benefit Sale Committees.

E. Deliver papers from church mailboxes to residents at Pleasantview or persons who request them.

F. Second year member submit report to Annual Business Meeting.

G. Serve as contact persons and facilitators for Pleasantview’s annual assignments for providing services and programs to Pleasantview.

H. Communicate to the congregation about Pleasantview activities and updates.


A. Accountable to: Church Council

B. Membership – Two persons selected from the congregation by Gift Discernment to serve a two-year term. One person selected annually.

Written:  10/89

Revised:  8/94, 2/07, 5/10, 4/16, 7/17, 4/19, 5/22

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