Hillcrest Academy Board Member


Serve as a member of the Hillcrest Academy Operating Board.


A. Participate in monthly Operating Board meetings.

    1. Express congregational concerns as relevant topics and decisions are discussed.
    2. Assist in the decision-making process that directs the ongoing operations, policies and standards of Hillcrest Academy.
    3. Respect and maintain confidentialities.

B. Maintain awareness of student, parent, congregation, and community concerns regarding Hillcrest Academy.

C. Report to the Church Council and/or congregation as relevant issues arise.

D. Encourage potential students to consider attending Hillcrest Academy.

E. Submit report to Annual Business Meeting.


A. Accountable to:

    1. Congregation
    2. Hillcrest Academy Operating Board

B. Membership: one person selected from the congregation for a three year term.  Before approval, contact the Conference School Board for suggestions needed for criteria for new representative.

Written:  10/89

Revised:  8/94, 5/22

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