Usher, Head


Perform duties of head usher.


A. Welcome members and visitors.

B. Accommodate the seating of those attending church services on Sunday morning and other occasions.

C. Ensure a comfortable environment for worship services (i.e. lights, microphones, fans, heating, ventilation).

D. Hand out bulletins and appropriate materials at services.

E. Oversee the collection of the offering and make it available to the church treasurer.

F. Count people in attendance at morning worship service and record in attendance book.

G. Assist at funerals and other special occasions as requested.

H. Attend organizational meeting arranged by senior head ushers.

I. Review contents of Ushering Manual from church library with incoming ushers each year.

J. Insert bulletins and any requested literature items into mailboxes.

K. The senior head usher will also perform the following functions:

l. Set up fall organizational meeting for incoming ushers, handing out a schedule and offering further explanation of the duties and etiquette involved with their new position.
2. Arrange for “greeters” for Sunday morning services.
3. Arrange for ushers to be present for special meetings, funerals and community programs.
4. Submit report for Annual Business Meeting.

L. Be available to help people use the elevator to go up and down.


A. Accountable to: Church Council

B. Membership – six persons. Two head ushers selected annually by Gift Discernment for a two year term. Head ushers will serve as senior head ushers the last year of their term.

Other Job Descriptions: