Gift Discernment Committee


Select individuals for church offices based on their spiritual gifts and calling for the office. Help the congregation become more aware of the spiritual gifts of each person and accept the responsibility of exercising the gifts in ministry to one another and the world around us.


A. Discern the talents and gifts of the congregation annually, usually start in February.

B. Every 2-3 years conduct a congregational gifts survey.

C. Compose Google document and current committee lists to determine a list of offices to be filled for the Church year.

D. Solicit suggested names for vacant offices from the congregation through online and written Google Document survey.

E. Prayerfully discern persons to fill vacant offices drawing on names submitted by the congregation.

F. Present the names to the Board of Elders, Nurture Committee and Church Council for their approval.  See Addendum before asking persons.

G. Provide access to job description and East Union Sexual Misconduct Policy to approved nominees and ask for their consent to serve. Church Council Chair and Nurture Committee Chair may assist asking volunteers to serve,

      1. Gift Discernment Chair will provide the names of positions filled to the Office Manager by July or August. The Office Manager will coordinate the completion of the required Primary Screen Forms and education as noted in the Policy.

H. Present to the congregation, for their affirmation, a list of nominees who have consented to serve.

I. Discern results of congregational voice:

    1. Those affirmed are appointed to serve.
    2. Refer objections to Elders.
    3. Add list of approved to bulletin so everyone is aware.

J. Send “helper lists” to current and approved incoming people with correlated positions.

K. Strive to complete Gift Discernment process by June.

L. Submit report for Annual Business Meeting.

M. Comply with the East Union Sexual Misconduct Policy.


A. Accountable to: Church Council and Board of Elders.

B. Membership – four persons

    1. Pastor(s)
    2. An Elder
    3. Two persons selected by Gift Discernment for two year terms. One person selected annually.
    4. The Elders shall approve Gift Discernment Committee members, who are then approved by Church Council and affirmed by the congregation.

C. Chairperson will be selected by the committee.

Written:  10/89

Revised:  8/94, 1/3, 7/06, 1/11, 4/16, 2/21, 5/22

Other Job Descriptions: