Gift Discernment Committee Addendum

Committees to which names must be submitted for approval before asking the people to serve:

A. Church Council

  1. Assistant Usher
  2. Central Plains Conference Delegate (must be a member)
  3. Central Plains Youth Delegate
  4. Church Historian
  5. Congregational Life Editor
  6. Elder (must be a member)
  7. Everence Stewardship Advocate
  8. Gift Discernment Committee
  9. Head Usher
  10. Hillcrest Board Representative
  11. Hospitality Coordinator
  12. Iowa Mennonite Benevolent Association Member/Extension Committee
  13. MCC Sale Representative
  14. MDS Representative
  15. Mid Week Church Activity Committee
  16. Mission & Service Communicator (must be a member)
  17. Nurture Committee
  18. Public Address System Operator
  19. Service Committee
  20. SIMCA Representative
  21. Trustee

B. Board of Elders

  1. Church Council Member selected by Gift Discernment (must be a member)
  2. Church Council Moderator (must be a member)
  3. Church Council Secretary (must be a member)
  4. Church Finance Officer (must be a member)
  5. Elder (must be a member)
  6. Gift Discernment Committee
  7. Mennonite Church USA Bi-Annual Convention Delegate (must be a member)
  8. Music Committee
  9. Worship Committee

C. Nurture Committee

  1. Adult SS Superintendent
  2. Bible School Committee
  3. Boys Venture Club
  4. Early Childhood Care Coordinator
  5. Girls Venture Club
  6. MYF Sponsors
  7. Library Committee
  8. MYF Sponsors
  9. Primary/Jr SS Superintendent
  10. Youth Advocate Coordinator

Written:  5/22

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