Everence Stewardship Advocate


Serve as a liaison between East Union congregation and Everence, and as Everence Advocate for East Union congregation.


A. Become acquainted with all information related to what Everence is and how it can be used our in our congregation.

B. Read the monthly emails and quarterly Advocate Updates from Everence.

C. Attend Everence Advocate training meetings in Southeast Iowa.

D.  Encourage stewardship education at East Union.

E.  Inform the congregation of workshops and resources available through Everence.

F. Help individuals integrate faith and finances decisions.

G. Help East Union individuals connect to Everence services.

H. Provide monthly Everence announcements for the East Union church bulletin.

I.  Put ‘Tool Kit’ and other Everence mailings in church mailboxes.

J.  Create and maintain Everence bulletin board.

K. Inform new members and new attenders concerning Everence services.

L.  Inform the Elders about available Everence Sharing Fund matching grants and submit information to Everence as directed by the Elders.

M.  Endeavor to meet the Everence Advocate requirements for East Union to qualify for the highest level of available Sharing Fund matching grant dollars.

N.  Submit quarterly Advocate activity reports to Everence.

O.  Inform Everence about all East Union births, deaths, marriages, graduations, address changes, new members, members who change to other churches.

P.  Prepare Everence Advocate report for East Union’s annual business meeting.


A. Accountable to: Everence and Church Council.

B. Membership – One person selected by Gift Discernment for a three year term.

Written:  8/06

Revised:  2/09, 3/11, 4/16

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