Environmental Technician


Maintain a comfortable church facility.


A. Oversee temperature control prior to and following church services and all other special uses of the church building.

B. Oversee unlocking the building, turning lights on prior to using the church and then returning to close-up by locking doors, turning lights out, and closing classroom doors after every church use. The church should be checked and locked up within 2 hours after activities end. Check calendar in entryway for activities.

C. Oversee the snow removal from the sidewalks and entry area on a daily basis as needed.

D. Maintain furnaces, change filters as needed, and check safety lights monthly.

E. Conduct yourself at all times to make the church an inviting, friendly place for all who use it.


A. Accountable to:

a. Trustee
b. Church Council

B. Membership – A paid position of one or more persons selected by trustees with Church Council approval.

Written: 4/02

Revised: 8/12

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