Early Childhood Care Coordinator


Coordinate provision of care for babies in the nursery during Sunday school hour and young children in the toddler room during worship services and Sunday school.


A. Maintain list of people who are willing to supervise toddlers during the Sunday morning church service and Sunday school hour plus infants during the Sunday school hour.

B. Create and publish a schedule of caregiver assignments.

    1. Maintain 2 caregivers in the toddler room for each Sunday service, with at least one being an adult.
    2. Schedule 2 caregivers for the nursery and the toddler room for each Sunday during Sunday school hour.

C. Be aware of all new babies/toddlers attending with or being born to attending congregants. Maintain updated list of names and dates of birth at nursery door.

D. Make sure the nursery and the toddler room have the necessary supplies (snacks, tissues, sanitary wipes, etc. as needed.) On a regular basis, replace changing table covers and other necessary sanitation practices to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

E. Train incoming coordinator at end of term.

F. Comply with the East Union Sexual Misconduct Policy. Forward schedule of workers regularly to Nurture Committee for policy maintenance.


A. Accountable to: Nurture Committee

B. Membership – 1 person, selected and approved annually by Gift Discernment process

Written: 06/14

Revised: 5/22

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