Church Financial Officer


Oversee the financial operations of the Church.


A. Supervise the Church Bookkeeper in the accounting policies and procedures.

B. Review the financial position with the Church Council on a monthly basis or as needed.

C. Evaluate all financial needs and request and develop a proposed budget with ongoing guidance from the Church Council.

D. Submit the final approved budget at the Annual Business Meeting along with the written report.

E. Present the financial position report at the Annual Business Meeting with the assistance of the Church Bookkeeper.

F. Work with committees and departments that have budgeted need requests.

G. Administer the Student Financial Aid Fund with input for the Church Council.

H. Supervise memorial gift list maintained by the Church Bookkeeper for review by the Church Council.

I. Promote stewardship through education and programs as deemed by the Church Council.

J. Review business equipment needs of the Church.


A. Accountable to the Church Council in managing the finances of the Church.

B. Member of the Church Council

C. Selected by Gift Discernment for a three year term.

D. Membership required.

Written: 10/89

Revised:  8/94, 8/96, 10/06, 5/22

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