Church Council Member


Represent the congregation in decision making, and the administration of church business.


A. Coordinate the various committees and organizations of the congregation into a unified ministry through communication of reports at church council and/or periodical reviews of these groups.

B. Responsible for the work of the congregation. Special projects, concerns, differences or disagreements should be brought to the Church Council for processing. The Church Council will facilitate the decision-making process of the congregation.

C. Make appointments to designated church offices and committees and review for approval names submitted by Gift Discernment Committee.

D. Allocate funds to meet the needs of the congregation.

E. Convene for a regular business meeting once a month or as needed.

F. Assist Elders in congregational self-evaluation and pastoral review every three years.

G. Set date and frequency of congregational meetings.

H. Communicate frequently the work of church council through announcements, articles in the Chronicle, notes in the bulletin or additional.   


A. Accountable to: Congregation

B. Membership – ten persons

    1. Two members, with one selected annually by Gift Discernment for a two year term.
    2. Church Council Moderator
    3. Church Council Secretary
    4. Church Treasurer
    5. Trustee
    6. Missions Communicator
    7. Nurture Committee Chairperson
    8. Elder
    9. Pastor(s)

C. Membership required.

Written: 10/89

Revised: 8/94, 4/16, 5/22

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