Church Chorister


Lead congregation in worshiping God through congregational singing.


A. Lead singing in congregational worship.

B. Select songs in conjunction with devotional scripture and sermon.

C. Provide special music as requested by Music Committee.


A. Accountable to: Music Committee

B. Membership: Three persons selected annually by Music Committee for a one year term.


Here are additional things expected of the chorister when leading a quartet:

  1. Schedule practice with quartet members prior to Sunday worship
  2. Request sound person attend practice/set up if needed
  3. Send email to quartet with song selections prior to practice

Here are additional things expected of the chorister when leading a worship band or group of instrumentalists:

  1. Schedule practice
  2. Request sound person attend or find someone to set up sound equipment
  3. Send song selections out with music provided prior to practice time
  4. If practicing prior to the Saturday before, tear down sound equipment after practice
  5. Copy song selections
  6. Set up sound equipment for Sunday morning
  7. Schedule a time to use the worship computer
  8. Create a schedule in Easy Worship on the worship computer
  9. Check out and set up projector
  10. Find someone to run projector
  11. Set up worship computer Sunday morning
  12. Request sound person to do sound check prior to Sunday morning worship
  13. Tear down sound equipment following the service
  14. Put projector away

Written:  10/89

Revised:  4/16

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