Nurture Committee


Coordinate activities and curriculum for all educational areas of the church with a vision for growth into Christ-likeness.


A. Be aware and assist with coordination as needed of educational programming and curriculum in all areas in the church, including Sunday School, Bible School, Venture Clubs, MYF, Junior MYF and the Youth Advocate Program.

B. In cooperation with present and incoming superintendents, assist with the selection of Sunday School teachers for the Adult, Primary and Junior Sunday School Departments, as needed.

C. Serve as a resource and counselor to leaders in the various Nurture areas, bringing them together as the need arises.

D. In conjunction with Adult and Primary/Jr S.S Superintendents, provide information and opportunities for teachers’ training and encourage attendance.

E. Assist MYF, Jr. MYF, Boys’ and Girls’ Venture Clubs, Sunday School departments, Library, and Youth Advocate Coordinator with budget need requests to the Church Financial Officer.

F. Nurture Committee will coordinate with Office Manager to ensure all required forms and the education requirements are completed for Sexual Misconduct Training as outlined in the same named Policy.

    1. Nurture Committee will contact the Sunday School and Bible School Superintendents and the Advocate Committee to get lists of teachers and advocates. This will be done in August before the new year starts in September and before Bible School. These lists need to be forwarded to the Office Manager so she/he can update the lists.

G. Submit report to Annual Business Meeting.

H Coordinate bulletin board postings in south hallway.


A. Accountable to: Church Council

B. Membership

1. Two chairpersons – (Chair and Assistant Chair) Selected from the congregation by Gift Discernment for a two year term, one new person selected each year. First year of term to assist lead chairperson and be aware of work of the committee. Second year of term to serve as lead chairperson and also serve on Church Council.

Written:  10/89

Revised:  8/94, 1/03, 6/04, 5/05, 5/07, 2/09, 1/11, 2/21, 5/22

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