Boy’s Venture Club Leaders


Guide our Venture Club boys (3rd-5th grade) in their spiritual and social development through personal interaction and group activities.


A. Plan one meeting each month during CHOW.

B. Plan and direct projects, activities, and fund raisers to maintain a balance of spiritual and social activities.

C. Arrange for the keeping of records of attendance, activities, finances and achievements.

D. Serve as a role model/mentor/counselor for Venture Club members.

E. By virtue of the position, one sponsor will serve as member of Nurture Committee (selected by the two sponsors).

F. Submit financial requests to Christian Nurture Committee.

G. Submit report to Annual Business Meeting.

H. Comply with the East Union Sexual Misconduct Policy.


A. Accountable to: Christian Nurture Committee

B. Membership – Two persons.
One person selected annually by Christian Nurture Committee to serve a two year term.

Other Job Descriptions: