Board of Elders


Assist the pastor in providing spiritual leadership for the congregation.


A. Discern the spiritual needs of the congregation.

B. Guide the congregation in developing its vision and mission and keep these things in focus.

C. Oversee public worship: preaching/teaching, and worship services.

D. Oversee the equipping of members for use of their gifts.

E. Oversee and model pastoral care, mutual care, and mutual aid.

F. Oversee pastoral care including crisis ministry, nurturing new believers, premarital and marital counseling, illness, grief, self-understanding, etc.

G. Facilitate the decision making process in the congregation in these areas: Leadership and policy issues. The elders are to help the congregation become involved in issues affecting us or people around us, provide biblical and contemporary information, be responsible to plan and follow through with a process.

H. Work together with other groups in congregation as need arises.

I. Conduct pastoral evaluation annually.

J. Lead the congregation in self-evaluation and in pastoral review every three years in cooperation with Church Council.

K. Provide counsel to the pastor(s).

L. Make recommendations to congregation relating to membership: baptism, transfer in or out, forfeiture and reinstatement.

M. Help define pastor’s time and energy priorities.

N. Serve as support group to pastor(s).

O. Approve two members at large from congregation to serve on Worship Committee with alternating two year terms.

P. By virtue of office, an elder will serve on the Gift Discernment Committee, Church Council and Worship Committee. (Selection made by elders.)

Q. Recommend to Church Council one member-at large from the congregation to serve on the Gift Discernment Committee.

R. Resolve objections referred by the Gift Discernment process.

S. Needs to comply as described in Sexual Misconduct Policy.

T. Submit report for Annual Business Meeting.


A. Accountable to Church Council

B. Membership – five or six persons

    1. Pastor(s)
    2. Four persons selected from the congregation by Gift Discernment to serve for a four-year term. One person selected annually.
    3. Membership required.

Written:  10/89

Revised:  5/05, 4/16

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