Bible School Committee-Detailed Description

The year in parenthesis will indicate which committee member is responsible for each task.  In reassigning and spreading out the responsibilities we are hoping the committee will act more as a group, sharing the responsibility of planning Bible School. The 3rd year person will be expected to keep in contact with the 2nd and 1st year persons to make sure all the preparations are getting done. 

Dec. & Jan.  Start at least six months ahead of Bible School to find a superintendent (3rd yr.)  This is the hardest job to fill.  Next look for a music teacher (3rd yr.), this is the second hardest job to fill.

Jan. & Feb.   Contact teachers (2nd yr.) from the year before to see if they are interested in teaching again and what class.  Work on setting the date for Bible School—dates to check are the last day of school for Mid-Prairie, Iowa City, Washington and Williamsburg.  Check for June weddings being scheduled at the church along with camp dates for Crooked Creek.  Work with the Office Manager on this and have it put on the calendar as soon as possible. 

-Continue to contact people for teaching positions (2nd yr.)   Begin contacting people for cooks, playground, piano and baby-sitters.  This responsibility should be shared by the 2nd and 3rd yr. persons. 

March  Write up your class list (3rd yr.) using the attendance records from the year before.  The class may change a lot before the first day of Bible School.  This list will help you determine which classes need more than one teacher.

April  Order materials.  Sort through leftover materials (all committee members) in the cupboard in the store room to help you decide what you need.  Order a few extra for each class for last minute attenders.  Sort through art supplies (all) to determine what is needed for this year.  Find Devotional leaders (2nd yr.)  for teachers meetings which are held every morning before Bible School starts.  Prepare teacher poster (1st yr.) A poster is usually hung in the entrance with a picture of each teacher, music persons, cooks, playground, chairpersons and babysitters.  Begin getting Prayer Partners (1st yr.) A partner is found for every teacher, superintendent, committee member, playground, cooks, music, and babysitter.  Put a brief article in the Chronicle (2nd yr.) regarding the date set for Bible School and the theme (this may be done sooner also). 

May or June  Put an article in the Chronicle (2nd yr.) with a little more detail about Bible School.  (the theme, mission project, and a list of the teachers and other workers.)

May  Set a date for a Bible School Meeting (3rd yr.) as soon as all the positions are filled.  Have the class rooms assigned by the meeting time.  The Bible School committee sets up the meeting (hand out materials, class lists, sets up tables and chairs, refreshments and clean-up).  The Superintendents are in charge of the content of the meeting.  Items usually covered are schedule, theme, mission project, etc…   Continue to run the date of Bible School in the bulletin (3rd yr.).  Put up posters around Kalona about Bible School (1st yr.) Also put an announcement in the Kalona News (1st yr.)  with a phone number to call for people interested in sending their children. 

June  The week of Bible School check with the teachers to see if they need any special supplies or need their room set up with  anything special. 

The Bible School Committee is in charge of setting up the classrooms (tables, chairs, bookshelves, etc.) the weekend before Bible School starts.  Also set up tables for the fellowship hall.   Keep a record of where everything belongs because after the Bible School program it all gets moved back.

The cooks do their own charts and food lists.

Make sure the teachers hand in their attendance records the last day of Bible School.  The 3rd year person is in charge of filling out the permanent records charts for each child.  These are kept in the cupboard in the supply room.

Sometime during the week of Bible School set a date for a follow-up meeting to review Bible School.  Once again the Bible School Committee is in charge of setting up the meeting (tables, chairs, refreshment and clean-up).  The superintendents are in charge of the content of the meeting.  Usually they review the questionnaire that the superintendents hand out during the week of Bible School. 

Make sure the superintendents have a copy of this list of duties.  Make sure all committee members have a copy of this list of duties. (3rd yr.)

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