Bible School Committee


Plan, promote, and provide overall guidance for the Bible School.


A. Set date for Summer Bible School after consulting with Office Manager to identify date conflicts.

B. Select curriculum for Summer Bible School with annual approval from consultation with the Christian Nurture Committee. The decision to replace curriculum published by Mennonite Publishing House with other curriculum must receive both Nurture Committee and Church Council approval.

C. Select/recruit staff.

D. Order materials and classroom supplies not already available in Sunday School supply room.

E. Plan and conduct training/organizational meeting/s with superintendents and teachers.

1. With Nurture Committee Chairs assistance, education content to include compliance with the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

F. Perform other duties as specified in the detailed Job Description in the Summer Bible School manual.

G. Chair will serve on the Christian Nurture Committee.

H. Submit report to Annual Business Meeting.

I. Comply with the East Union Sexual Misconduct Policy.

J. Utilize Bulletin Board display for Bible School activities when available.


A. Accountable to: Christian Nurture Committee

B. Membership – Two members selected from the congregation through gift discernment to serve a two year term. One person selected annually.

Other Job Descriptions: