Helpful Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic

Stories of racial injustice fill our news feeds. Yet for too long many of us in the church have been hesitant to speak up and give voice to addressing racism in its many forms. We fear offending others, of using the wrong words, of not knowing what to say.

In Lamenting Racism, a team of leading pastors and theologians come together to lay the groundwork for important conversations about racism in your congregation. Through their conversations in six thought-provoking videos, they name that God’s people of every race are called to confront racism in every way possible. Together this team invites each of us to consider and give voice to how we have been shaped and formed by race.

This six-session study invites church groups to learn the practice of biblical lament as a powerful tool in the church’s struggle against racism. Click here to learn more about Lamenting Racism.

From MennoMedia–Free CommonRead Conversation: Recording Now Available

Join us for a conversation with Michael McRay, author of I Am Not Your Enemy: Stories to Transform a Divided World.  Violent stories surround us. Brutal beginnings, horror-filled middles, despair-inducing endingsWe need better stories: stories forged in the furnace of conflict, narratives that kindle compassion and ignite hope. In the pages of I Am Not Your Enemy, writer Michael t. McRay visits divided regions of the world and interviews activists, peace-builders, former combatants, and clergy members about their personal stories of conflict, justice, and reconciliation. Click here to listen/watch.

The Voices Together dedication launch video from December 13 now available. The dedication included a time to worship with new songs and resources, stories, and blessings for Voices Together and all who receive it. Click here to view the video.

From MennoMedia: ~ing Podcast

Our world is increasingly complex, fast-paced, and divided. How are people of faith bringing their best selves to the world each day? How are we leading, growing, and being as people of God? ~ing Podcast is a place to share insights and stories from individuals creatively engaging the present and moving into the future.

~ing Podcast is hosted by Rev. Dr. Dennis Edwards and Allison Maus. It is a produced by Ben Wideman for MennoMedia, a nonprofit Publisher that creates thoughtful, Anabaptist resources to enrich faith in a complex world. To find out more, click here. Check back often for new episodes.

From MennoMedia: Raising Them Up: Children, Faith and the Church

Click here to see video from this Adaptive Church Webinar Series, recorded on October 8, 2020.

From MennoMedia: FREE Common Read Conversation with Author Stephanie Lobdell

MennoMedia launched this year’s program with a FREE webinar conversation with Stephanie Lobdell, author of Signs of Life: Resurrecting Hope Out of Ordinary Losses. MennoMedia Executive Director Amy Gingerich asked Stephanie: Does the God of the resurrection have anything to say to our hurts? Was Christ’s resurrection a once-and-done thing, or is there hope for healing and restoration now? Click here to watch the recording.

A note from MennoMedia Executive Director, Amy Gingerich

We at MennoMedia and our book imprint Herald Press join our voices with those crying out “no justice, no peace” after the death of George Floyd  There is no room for racism, inequality, or injustice in God’s reign. Yet ours is a broken world. We will not remain silent. We stand with the people protesting as a sign of public mourning and outrage, voicing unheard cries for justice, and we pledge to utilize our platform to bring about change. At MennoMedia, we commit to working toward God’s vision of shalom for all people. Click here to read the full statement. 

Leader Special Issue: Ministry in the Age of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world and the church into uncharted territory. How can our Anabaptist biblical interpretation, faith, and practice inform a long-term strategy for ministry and mission for such a time as this? Download this FREE digital issue of Leader Magazine for resources to help address these and other pressing questions facing our churches.

Youth Curriculum on Dismantling Racism

This four-session, downloadable Bible study examines racism and challenges students to work at changing systems that oppress people of color. Discussions and activities will help young people envision an inclusive church, identify barriers of prejudice, consider how and why privileges are given to white people, and work at dismantling systems that discriminate. Click here to purchase this download.

Online Column

Each week MennoMedia publishes an online column to accompany the Adult Bible Study lesson. Click here to view supplemental resources for the summer quarter of our Salt & Light Bible Studies written by Ruben Chupp.

From MennoMedia: Salt + Light Videos

Jump start online or in-person Bible study conversations this fall with new, short introductory teachings videos that enrich our new Salt & Light curriculum series.

As we launch our new Salt & Light curriculum this fall, we are excited to provide these teaching videos that can be used either for teacher prep or to introduce each weekly session.

The videos are free and available online on MennoMedia’s YouTube channel. 

To view this week’s video, and all previous videos visit: 

Rejoice! A Time Under Pressure

Rejoice! Special Issue: A Time Under Pressure is now available! A continuation of Rejoice! A Time Such as This and Rejoice! A Time Enduring, we hope that these devotionals offer you comfort, hope, and prayerful reflection as we continue to navigate this very stressful time.

Click here to download this free devotional.

SHINE at Home

Not sure what Sunday school will look like this fall? Shine has you covered with two new digital resources to help churches keep connections strong with children, youth, and families no matter what setting is necessary for faith formation this fall. Learn more about Shine at Home and Shine Connect here. 

60-Minute Prayer Guide during Corona Virus:

An Hour of Prayer for the Coronavirus Pandemic[

Voices Together Worship and Prayer Resource 

Voices Together is already available in app form for both iOS or Android devices. MennoMedia has contracted with GIA to include Voices Together in their Hymnals app. While the current editions for sale are sold and supported by the developer, there is no guarantee that they will continue to develop and support the apps (particularly the Android version) into the future. Voices Together products purchased within the app will only be available as long as the app is available.

Click here for instructions to download the app.

Beyond Our Fears Curriculum 

Suggested by MennoMedia, the Beyond Our Fears curriculum was originally created in 2009, but the content is just as relevant today. Click here for a free download.

Supporting the work of MennoMedia:  MennoMedia is honored to create and distribute these resources free of charge in order to help the church make its way through this difficult time. If you would like to contribute financially to support this work, please click here.

Resources for Homemade Masks (note the CDC emphasizes these do NOT take the place of social distancing):

  • Mercy Hospital Iowa City website has a suggested pattern (which is also recommended by Unity Hospital, Cedar Rapids). Click here and scroll down under “Masks for Mercy” to read about face masks and see their suggested pattern link  Be sure when you print the pattern that it prints actual size and does not “scale to fit” the page.
  • Here is a tutorial about making that mask:  Other sites suggest adding a pipe cleaner or plastic twisty or some sort of wire (pinching the end over so it does not stick through the fabric) at the top of the mask over the nose area and then top stitching around the entire mask which will hold the pipe cleaner or wire in place.
  • Joann Fabrics also has information about making masks.
  • UIHC may be accepting homemade face masks. Click here to see their latest update.  
  • CDC now has a page on the use, care, and construction of face masks. Click here to view.

MC USA Resources for Staying Healthy and Hopeful. This includes links to Government and CDC health tips and information as well as information from MC USA.

Iowa Department of Public Health regarding COVID-19 and